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5 Coding Programs for Middle School Students

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Coding programs for middle school students are vital for helping kids learn new skills and building unique projects that showcase their talents. Coding teaches students problem-solving, logic, and programming skills they will use in all facets of their lives. Here are five coding programs perfect for coders of all skill levels.

Each of these programs offers a unique way to learn to code and can be used to supplement your classroom curriculum or as an after-school activity. Choose the program that best suits the needs of your students and get started on teaching them this valuable skill!

What is Coding?

Coding is feeding instructions to a computer application to achieve a specific purpose. For example, a programmer writes instructions that tell a computer what to create based on the inputs.

These instructions, or code, are written in a coding language. Coding languages are a string of information fed to the computer, so they understand our commands. However, the computer reads the language as one’s and zero; it’s easier for programmers to read when it’s something we know, so each program develops them in a way so we understand the output.

There are many coding languages, but some of the most popular ones are Python, Java, and HTML. Coding is used to create websites, apps, games, and much more. Anyone can learn to code, and there are even coding programs for middle school students in the form of games and books, so they are easier to understand.

Coding is a fun and creative way to use your computer skills to make things people can use. For example, middle schoolers’ coding programs have a little more depth than programs for younger students, but they are still easy to navigate.

Coding Programs for Middle School Students

Here are five different coding programs for middle schoolers that are easy to use and informative.

Trinket – Starter Plan Free

Trinket is a coding website that offers a variety of coding programs for middle school students. The website has a simple, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for students to find and use the coding programs since students can use them from any browser.

Trinket also offers a variety of coding tutorials, which are perfect for students new to coding. In addition, the website provides a variety of tools and resources that can help students learn more about coding. Students also view the code in blocks to see how everything stacks together with different colors.

Teachers can use the service for free and access in-app support with faster response times. Overall, Trinket is a great resource and offers a variety of coding programs for middle school students who want to learn more about different types of code.

CodePen – Starter Plan Free

CodePen is a coding website that offers coding programs for middle school students. The website provides coding tutorials, tips, and resources to help students learn coding concepts and strategies. CodePen also provides various coding challenges, allowing students to practice their coding skills. 

In addition, the website provides a community forum where users can ask questions and interact with other coders. Students can also take advantage of their split-screen feature to work on their projects on a separate screen and watch it update in real-time.

Codepen can be activated in any browser. You can use it to solve challenges from other people on the platform. CodePen is an excellent resource for middle school students who want to learn to code.

Roblox Studio – Free

Roblox Studio is a coding program that allows users to create 3D games and simulations. It is popular among middle school students because it is relatively simple to use and provides excellent flexibility in terms of game design. 

While Roblox Studio does have some limitations, it is still a powerful tool for creating engaging and innovative games. In addition, the large community of Roblox users offers a wealth of resources and support for those just starting. 

Students can also receive assistance from other community members and check out similar concepts so they can apply them to their own. Overall, Roblox Studio is an excellent choice for anyone interested in coding or game design.

Lightbot – 2.99$

Lightbot is a coding program for middle school students that allows them to solve puzzles and learn coding rules such as sequencing, overloading, procedures, conditionals, and more. The programs are designed to teach coding concepts in a fun and engaging way. The blocks the little robot jumps on are color-coded so students can understand what is going on.

The website also offers a variety of games for teachers that usually last about an hour at least. Lightbot costs 2.99$ per download; however, teachers can try out the demo to see if they want to continue with the full version. The demo is about an hour long, so Lightbot is an excellent resource for middle school educators who wish to incorporate coding into their classrooms.

Minecraft Education Edition – 5$ per user

Minecraft Education Edition is a coding program that introduces students to basic programming concepts fun and engagingly. Minecraft education edition is a perfect program for middle school students. It can be used with other coding programs or as a standalone tool. Minecraft Education Edition features a variety of coding challenges that help students learn the basics of coding, including if/then statements, loops, and variables. In addition, the program provides a safe and collaborative environment for students to code together. Minecraft Education Edition is 5$ per user, and Microsoft works with educators to give discounts and offers them at fundraisers. As a result, Minecraft Education Edition is an effective way to introduce middle school students to the basics of coding.

Student Hires Coding Programs

Student Hires is an innovative organization dedicated to creating hands-on programming programs led by college students, which increase the career readiness of disadvantaged youths in our community. Through experiential learning that engages and encourages these children to explore their interests, they gain valuable insight into coding concepts like Python, Java, HTML, and more. 

In doing so, Student Hires provides these children with the skills and knowledge needed to strive towards educational goals and one day reach their highest potential.


These five coding programs are a great way to start your middle schooler in programming and computer science. With these tools, they can create games, websites, and animations while developing critical problem-solving skills. While some of these programs are free, others require a subscription fee. However, all of them provide hours of fun and learning for your middle school student.

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