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Maria Perez

Program Coordinator

Chaffey College


I’ve experienced a lot of unfortunate events throughout my life that forced me to grow up at a young age. One of the biggest life changing events for me was when a very close relative was diagnosed with Huntington disease, a disease that runs through my family. It was an extremely difficult time having to be a caregiver at such a young age. Being raised in a strict household, it was never an option to go out with friends to be able to decompress so the way I coped was with school and extra-curricular activities. School was the only part of my life I could control because through the merit of my hard work I was able to feel like I was in control of some part of my life.  

Career Goals

My career goals are to complete my education and to put my school knowledge and practical experience to use in a way that will allow me to continue to work with kids.


One of the main things that inspires me is my family, my dad has worked nonstop since the age of 19 to go above and beyond to provide everything possible for his family. I want to be able to show my parents that all their hard work was to give me an opportunity for a better future.

Why She's Passionate About Education

I am passionate about education because I believe that education is the key that opens many doors, as such it’s very exciting to be able to mold children in the early stages of their educational journey.

How She Plans to Make a Difference

I plan on making a difference in the lives of our students by being a source of inspiration to show the kids the value in education and hope they carry that inspiration with them as they continue to grow.  

What Student Hires Means to Her

The vision of Student Hires to me is an amazing concept because it gives students opportunities to gain valuable experience.

How Student Hires Fits into Her Life

I can see myself growing with Student Hires because this company focuses on the development of children, which is an area I intend to specialize in.  

She Believes this is a Pressing Issue in Education

The biggest flaw in the current education system is that kids are taught that there is only one way to learn. If you read a few chapters of a book and can repeat the information over again you get a reward or if you get the right answer but are not doing the math problem the way your teacher wants it is considered a wrong answer. It doesn’t really build solid foundations for outside of the box thinkers. The education system should help children understand that it’s okay to ask questions and it’s okay to think outside of the box to solve problems. 

Maria is Open For:

  • Mentorship & Coaching
  • Career Opportunities
  • Contract Hire Positions

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