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Regina Ochoa

Chief Operations Officer

I have been with Student Hires for a little over a year as a Chief Operations Officer. I am passionate about developing relationships with students, admin, and employees. In my current role I have improved my skills in leading employees and strategic thinking. My goal is to grow with Student Hires and not only gain contracts with school within Southern California to further create a pipeline of job opportunities for college students but to also create a fun and safe place for students to go to after school. There will always be challenges in life and it inspires me to overcome and come up with a solution. Challenges help keep me on my toes and to think outside of the box. In education I am passionate about helping students feel that someone truly believes they can reach their wildest dreams. I believe every student is special and it only takes one person to truly care to change the trajectory of their life. I try and keep this mindset every time I interact with students. I feel I can make a difference in a child’s life by being kind. I like to try and teach this to all our employees, so not only I can make a difference, but they can as well. The vision of Student Hires means a change in the world. It is not only changing how employees are treated but also how students are treated. We create a community within the company not only with students, families, administration, and employees. We do all of this while connecting students with valuable job opportunities for students, while providing them with work experience in the professional field they want to pursue. The most pressing issue I find in education is the lack of understanding for students who may have challenging behaviors.

Regina is Open For:

  • Mentorship & Coaching
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • Creating Opportunities

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