Partner with Student Hires for the 22-23 School Year!

Ruben Felix

Program Coordinator

Cal Poly Pomona


My name is Ruben, and I previously worked in retail for 8 years, and I have been working with students for 2 years now. I am in my second year at Cal Poly Pomona studying Liberal Studies Pre-Credential. I previously went to Mt. SAC where I received my Associate’s in Humanities.

Career Goals

My career goals are to be a teacher and continue to grow within a company, while learning and continuing to work with children in an educational setting.


The future is what inspires me, thinking about possibilities, and constantly thinking of ways to make things better or improved.

Why He's Passionate About Education

An English professor’s way of thinking and outlook on life changed my view on the rest of my college career. I am passionate about education because for me education has been my key to getting out of a dead-end job which was retail for me. Education has helped give me opportunities that I felt I deserved to challenge myself intellectually to pursue elevated roles in my career path.

How He Plans to Make a Difference

Using kindness, humor, relatability, and compassion when dealing with students from different points of life. I try to be mindful of the struggles that families and students are dealt with coming out of this pandemic and the affect it has taken on students’ mental health.

What Student Hires Means to Him

Student Hires to me is a way of reaching out to the community in future events and connecting with students to learn about how we can make an impact on students’ lives.

How Student Hires Fits into his Life

Student Hires fits into my career and life plan because of their company values of giving students opportunities to transition into leadership positions within the after-school program.

He Believes this is a Pressing Issue in Education

I think an issue in higher education is student loan debt while one is trying to pursue a college or university degree(s).

Ruben is Open For:

  • Mentorship & Coaching
  • Career Opportunities
  • Contract Hire Positions

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