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Scarlett Burgos

Site Assistant

San Bernardino Valley College


I'm a first-generation Mexican American student. I was raised mostly by my mom with the help of her family. She did her best to give my siblings and me the best life we could have. My life since I can remember has been a huge roller coaster with so many twists and turns but one thing that never changed was having the support of my family. We're super close. I have a 3-year-old chihuahua named Nala who I love so dearly. I love being outdoors and learning about animals so Nat Geographic is my go-to. I think I’m kinda funny, my jokes make people laugh pretty loud sometimes. Really using my twenties as my learning years.

Career Goals

My career goals are to get my bachelor's in biology, maybe a minor in Spanish but I want to become a 3rd-grade teacher. I also really do love animals as well so I was thinking during the summer I can get a summer job at the zoo.


My family inspires me, I’m the 2nd eldest of 15 grandchildren so for me it's to be someone they can look up to.

Why She's Passionate About Education

When I was younger I heard someone say that “kids are the future” and they’re right. So why not give more attention to these kids and help shape them to be good people with bright futures.

How She Plans to Make a Difference

I plan to make them feel like they have someone that cares about them and wants to see them do better.

What Student Hires Means to Her

The vision I feel like Student Hires carries is that we’re here to help the students in any way we can whether that be emotional support or needing help with a subject they’re struggling on.

How Student Hires Fits into Her Life

Well, it gives me insight into how it is to work in an elementary school. Also, a great opportunity to meet the staff of these schools, see how different schools operate. If I become a teacher this could possibly help me land a job after I graduate!

She Believes this is a Pressing Issue in Education

I feel like the most pressing issue is that they care more about your grades than if you’re understanding the subject. As long as you finish your paper or the worksheet, I don’t think they truly take the time to see if you understand what they’re teaching. Also, I’ve seen how students don’t respect their teachers, it’s like it's becoming a trend.

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