The BETTER YOU Challenge

A 30-Day Challenge to Promote Positive Stress-Relieving Habits 

Our 2021 Challenge is Complete

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30 Day Challenge: March 8th- April 6th

This Challenge is Open to Anyone Looking to Create Positive Habits

Please join us in showing our students that we are here to support their well-being

Students around the world have been forced into virtual learning. Unfortunately, the stress that has come along with virtual learning is something that many students don't know how to handle. Because of this, educators have seen a huge drop in grades, performance, and overall levels of participation. While there are many educators who attempt to explain useful methods for coping with stress, it's much more important that we show students how they can easily incorporate small habits into their daily routines to create lasting change. The "Better You Challenge" was created to instill these positive habits into students' lives so that when they deal with difficult situations, they know what they can do to relieve stress, improve their mood, and ultimately improve their lives. 

The above video describes the "Better You Challenge". To participate, complete the below steps. 

Step 1: Choose Your Challenge

Option 1

A Mile a Day for 30 Days

Run, jog, walk, or bike for at least a mile per day for 30 days. Regular exercise is known to reduce stress, elevate your mood, and even improve self-esteem. 

Option 2

Read 15 Pages a Day for 30 Days

Read at least 15 pages per day for 30 days. Reading on a consistent basis has numerous health benefits, including reduced stress levels, improved mental health, and an expanded vocabulary.

Option 3

Fuel Your Passion for 30 days

Focus on a creative passion of yours for at least 30 minutes per day for 30 days. Your passion could be anything from playing guitar to creating artwork. For the sake of this challenge, avoid playing video games. If you are still confused about what qualifies as a "passion", feel free to verify with us via email.

Chose One of the Three Available Options

Document Your Progress Across 30 Days

Post Your Progress on Social Media Using


Step 2: Sign Up

Registration is CLOSED.

Step 3: Document Your Challenge

Documentation Submission Window: April 6th - April 13th

In order to earn your T-Shirt and be entered into the gift-card raffle (students only), you must submit appropriate documentation.

How to Document Your Challenge

A Mile a Day Documentation

For option one, participants can document their progress by recording their mile time on a daily basis. You can use phone apps like the Nike Run Club to help manage and keep track of their progress. 

15 Pages a Day Documentation

For option two, participants can document their progress by using any reading log. For a free reading log that you can edit using Google Sheets, click here.

Fuel Your Passion Challenge

For option three, participants can document their progress by video recording whichever activity they are participating in. Depending on the activity, a picture may suffice. For example, if the participant is creating artwork on a daily basis, they can have a picture of each artwork that they created for 30 days.

Documentation must be submitted at the end of the challenge to be eligible for T-Shirt & Raffles.

The documentation window will be open from April 6th - April 13th. This submission form will be available on this page during that time. If you are interested in receiving a T-Shirt or being entered into a raffle, you must provide proof that you completed the 30-day challenge. This documentation may vary depending on the option that you have chosen to participate in (see guidelines above). 

Note: You do not have to use social media to document your challenge, but you can if you choose to!

For Social Media Users

Use the Hashtag #BetterYouChallenge2021 

To Document Your Challenge

The Prize Pool

To earn a prize, participants must submit documentation per "Step 3: Document Your Challenge" above. 

We're Giving Away a T-Shirt to All People Who Complete the Challenge!

FIVE $100 Giftcards to 5 Students

Students who successfully complete the 30 day challenge will be entered into a raffle. ANY student from any school district and age bracket can participate.