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Student Hires Afterschool Programs

Leverage the power of student-led afterschool programs to cultivate family engagement, foster student connections, and create a network of enriching opportunities for students. 

Student Hires partners with K-12 schools and districts, colleges and universities, businesses, non-profits, and community-based organizations to deliver transformative experiences for youth. 

A Student-Centered Approach to Economic Development

Student Hires unleashes the power of young minds to shape the future of our economy. Our approach focuses on nurturing the potential of youth through comprehensive development programs that equip them with the foundational skills, knowledge, and mentorship networks needed to thrive. From leadership building to entrepreneurship, we're committed to creating opportunities that catalyze personal growth and community advancement.

Youth Development Programs

Our programs equip students and young individuals with essential academic and life skills through interactive workshops and activities, fostering overall personal and educational growth.

Leadership Building Initiatives

We cultivate emerging leaders through targeted seminars and community service projects, empowering students to take initiative and drive positive change in their communities.

Entrepreneurship Development

Our entrepreneurship programs guide students from idea to execution, providing practical business skills and the opportunity to launch their own ventures under expert guidance.

Community Engagement and Real-World Application

By involving students in community-based projects, our programs encourage practical application of skills, enhancing local communities and reinforcing the educational impact through hands-on experience.

Student Hires TK-12 After School Programs

Student Hires partners with schools, districts, universities, and employers to create experiential K-12 after-school, summer, and youth educational programs led by local college & university students. Visit to learn more about our afterschool programming initiative and to build your own program.

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Schools & Districts

Student Hires transforms schools & districts with programs that unite families and local organizations.

Colleges & Universities

Student Hires partners with colleges & universities to connect students with valuable job opportunities.


Student Hires brings industries and classrooms together by collaborating with employers.

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Student-Led Afterschool Programming Delivers Exceptional Experiences

Parent Testimonials

Student Hires partnered with a local school district to deliver a year-round afterschool program. The results of the program left parents in shock

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