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About Student Hires

Student Hires collaborates with schools & districts to create experiential K-12 after-school programs led by local college & university students. These programs provide valuable job opportunities for students in our region. Founded in 2015 by Manuel Zavala, Student Hires was created due to an increased need for practical project-based jobs for students. 

Student Hires originally began as a student-run creative agency. The agency contracted with local small-medium sized businesses to provide web and graphic design services. To complete the projects, local university students were hired, providing them with a source of income and valuable job opportunities that helped these students to develop their professional portfolios.

In August 2018, Student Hires began to provide project-based educational programs to high school students. These programs were designed to prepare students for careers in technology and transition those students into entry-level jobs within the community.

Our Mission

Student Hires was founded with one mission in mind: to connect students with valuable job opportunities. We do this throughout all of our work. In all of our programs, we hire local college & university students. They serve as the foundation for our workforce, allowing these students to gain valuable job experience that can transform their entire career outlook. Given that Student Hires is currently offering expanded learning programs led by local college & university students, every program that we create is the creation of the compounding value of opportunity for the disadvantaged communities that we serve. It takes one opportunity to transform the outlook for a career and for an entire family as well.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the education system through one-of-a-kind programs that uplift communities. By catering to the whole student and providing their entire family with a range of support, we have the power to transform communities and capitalize on the value of compounding opportunities. We aim to expand our programs to TK-12 Schools & Districts throughout California. These programs will create direct workforce pipelines through collaboration with neighboring colleges & universities.

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Our Team

Because our team comes from the same diverse perspectives of the communities that we serve, we are able to develop close-knit relationships with the students within our programs. Student Hires prides itself in its ability to connect with the families we serve. By creating opportunities for these diverse communities, we are increasing the diversity of the future California workforce.