Partner with Student Hires for the 24-25 School Year!

Student Hires Partners With Employers to Create Valuable Job Opportunities for Students

We Partner with Community Employers

Student Hires partners with local employers & community-based organizations (CBOs) to create valuable job opportunities for students. Our partnerships enhance the educational experience through collaboration between educational stakeholders and local employers. 

Partner With Us For:
  • Student Internship Programs
  • Workforce Development Pipelines
  • Apprenticeship Programs
  • Workshops for Families
  • Workshops for Students

Student Hires Internship Programs

Student Hires develops coordinated internship and apprenticeship programs to create valuable job opportunities for students. Our internship programs provide opportunities for high school & college students. After completing one of our internship programs, we utilize our partnerships to easily transition those students into paid positions with local employers. Our internship programs provide the following benefits:

  • A Sustainable Workforce Development Pipeline for Employers
  • Valuable Job Opportunities for Students
  • 1-on-1 Guidance and Mentoring for Students
  • Direct Access to our Network of Employers
  • And More!

Student Hires currently offers both paid & unpaid internships for high school and college & university students throughout the Inland Empire.

Student Hires Connects College & University Students with Community Employers

Student Hires leverages our network of high school, college, and university students to create workforce development pipelines for community employers. Student Hires strives to connect former interns and students in our programs with valuable job opportunities within the communities that we serve. 

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How It Works

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After submitting your partnership request, we will be in contact to set up a strategy session to discuss your desired program initiatives.

Build Your Team

Student Hires coordinates with colleges & universities near you to recruit high-quality talent for your program.

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Workforce Development Pipeline

Student Hires partners with employers looking to develop custom-tailored workforce development pipelines. We coordinate with K-12 schools and local colleges to create unique programs that provide valuable job opportunities for students. These programs serve as a workforce development pipeline for employers and organizations looking to leverage the power of local educational talent.

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