We are Transforming Education

Student Hires creates project-based collaborations between businesses, universities, K-12 institutions, and students. Our technology-focused collaborations provide students with the opportunity to engage in practical project-based learning with local businesses within their community. By doing so, our students are able to develop critical job skills and develop their professional portfolios for an effective transition towards their desired career.

How it Works

We find local businesses & K-12 institutions that are interested in completing a technology-based project (i.e. Creating a website).

We coordinate with K-12 schools, local colleges and universities to find highly-qualified students who can complete the desired project.

We select the most-qualified students and provide them with internships for the duration of the company’s project.

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Project-Based Collaboration

Our primary focus lies in graphic design, web design & development, and social media management. While we focus in these areas, we are open to collaborating on most technology-based projects.

Schools We Hire From

Bridging the Gap Between Businesses and Schools

Student Hires bridges the gap between community employers and local schools. We coordinate with local businesses looking to complete technology-based projects and find the students to complete them.