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3 tips for improving your resume

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Are you thinking about improving your resume? If so, it’s important to have a resume that stands out from the crowd and showcases your experience. In this blog post, we’ll share three tips to help you improve your resume. First, keep in mind that you should input information to the specific job you’re applying for, so make sure to customize it accordingly. With that said, here are three tips for creating an eye-catching resume.

Why Updating your Resume is Important?

Improving your resume is vital for many reasons. One reason is that it helps you stay current with your skills and experience, so employers see your recent best experience that represents you. For example, if your resume isn’t up-to-date, depending on your previous experience, that might stop you from going to the next steps in the job process. You can keep your resume updated with your most recent work.

Finally, keeping your resume up-to-date will save you some time if you need to apply for a new job in the future. Now, you won’t have to spend time updating it, and you can start applying for positions.

3 Tips to Improving your Resume 

Improving your resume won’t take that long; however, making sure to do it right the first time is essential. By using strong verbs and active language, students will make their resume sound powerful and keep it short. It gets the point across without being too long and drawn out.

Active language verb choices will make your resume sound more powerful and dynamic. Action verbs show what you accomplished in previous roles, rather than simply describing your duties. For example, “managed a team of five salespeople” is more effective than “was responsible for a team of five salespeople.” Furthermore, active language can help you concisely describe your experience and accomplishments. Consider the following examples:

Before: I was responsible for improving communication between departments.

After: I improved communication between departments and increased productivity by 20%

When it comes to your resume, using strong verbs and active language can make a big difference. By choosing words that pack a punch, you can create a memorable and effective resume for your potential employers.

Make Use of Bulleted Lists

Another step to improving your resume is to make. It is critical in helping you land the job you want and advance your career. So, it is crucial to ensure your resume is as strong as possible. One way to do this is to use bulleted lists.

Bulleted lists are an effective way to highlight your skills and qualifications. They help to organize information and make it easier to read. As a result, bulleted lists can be a great way to improve your resume. Ensuring your resume is easy to read is important to ensure your employers keep reading. So, if you want to make sure your resume stands out, remember to use bulleted lists.

Highlight your Skills and Achievements

If you’re looking for ways to improve your resume and stand out to potential employers, one strategy is to focus on highlighting your skills and achievements; This can help you immediately demonstrate the value you can bring to an organization.

When listing your skills, be specific and include both hard and soft skills. For example, if you’re experienced in customer service, you might list software programs you’re familiar with and your ability to handle complex customer inquiries. It would be best if you also listed a specific section for any certifications you might have that prove that experience.

In terms of achievements, try to quantify them as much as possible. For instance, rather than simply listing “Increased sales at my previous job,” you could say, “Increased sales by 30% during my tenure at ABC Company.” By showcasing your skills and accomplishments, you can make your resume more impactful and increase your chances of landing an interview.

Proofread your Resume Carefully Before Submitting it

It’s vital to proofread your resume carefully before submitting it. A little bit of care and attention can go a long way towards improving your resume and making it stand out from the rest. 

Improving your resume takes time, so take the proper steps to review it multiple times. There are a few things to keep in mind when proofreading your resume.

 First, check for any typos or grammatical errors. People tend to miss the minor typos easily, but they can make a big difference in how your resume is received. Grammarly is a great tool when it comes to checking your content and making it sound professional.

Second, make sure that all of the information on your resume is accurate and up-to-date. Outdated information can give the impression that you’re not keeping up with your resume, which won’t look good when employers look at it.

Finally, take a look at the overall layout of your resume. Make sure that it is easy to read and that all of the important information is highlighted. Taking the time to proofread your resume carefully can make a big difference in how well it is received.

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Updating your resume is an integral part of ensuring you put your best foot forward when looking for a new job. These tips will help you improve the appearance and content of your resume so that it stands out from the competition. So how often do you update your resume? Let us know in the comments!

Last Updated on August 20, 2022 by Student Hires

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