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5 Important After School Math Programs

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There are various after school math programs that children can join to learn more about specific topics to see if they want to pursue them as a career. For example, we will go over five different after school math programs that children can join right now to learn and grow in a safe environment with children in their age range.

List of After School Math Programs

There are multiple programs children can join to improve their motor skills and try different learning objectives in visual, tactile, and auditorial manners. These programs not only give kids the chance to try other learning objectives in detail compared to a standard classroom setting.

 They also have more time to try different projects and start building a portfolio of information for the future. For example, here are five various after school math programs children can engage in schools across the country right now.

Robotics After School Math Program

The robotics after school math program allows kids to mess around with different pieces of electrical equipment and learn about how machinery comes together to make giant robots of different shapes and sizes. The class lasts about 1-2 hours, and snacks sometimes provide breaks and energy during work sessions.

Kids first start to become familiar with the shapes and sizes of different Lego and kids building sets, so they have a familiar base of how to structure equipment together. Experts in the field come in to talk about the benefits of robotics technology and how it works with equipment of everyday life.

They also have an option to join programs with higher age ranges in the future to handle more advanced equipment and eventually take an internship to work with more technology down the line if they choose to.

The robotics after school math program builds engineering skills, programming skills, creativity, teamwork, and self-expression. This program is a good starting point for any child curious about engineering.

Game Design After School Program

The game design after school program allows kids interested in building games a window into how the process works and where to go after the program if they want to go further. The class lasts about 2 hours since the topics vary from program to program.

But every program usually involves the children making a small or massive game, either cooperatively or solo, to allow them to build different analytical skills. For example, the graphic program will enable children to work with various graphic design programs and learn the beginning outline of programming.

 After the program, every student should walk away with a game they are proud of that shows off the individual skill they can achieve when leading a project.

Science After School Program

The science after school math program allows students to learn about different science objectives and experiment to see how other elements work in a safe setting. Each student is usually assigned a partner to work on projects like making ice cream from scratch or making fire appear from a metal block with different elements.

Students who attend this program will better understand the general science fields and how the general laws of the world work. They will also be able to see how a general lab setting works and will be able to add different experiments to their portfolio for the future. This program usually lasts 1-3 hours, depending on the project.

Math After School Program

The math after school program allows students to learn the core math objectives through the k-12 system and better understand how every law class functions in a safe environment. These subjects can be studied online or in a classroom setting with study packets they can take home to review material after hours.

Kids can receive different equipment like toy clocks and geometry shapes to help them get a better understanding of how various topics come together.

The learning is usually self-paced, so if a student is having trouble with a particular topic, they will be able to have more time to practice and take repeat tests until they understand. These classes usually last for about 1-2 hours but can be extended to learning at home if the student needs extra help through tutoring.

Coding After School Math Program

Coding after school math program allows students to try different programming languages and see how they work in real-life scenarios. For example, they can create small programs like mini calculators, clocks, and phrases to appear on the screen and develop mini-games. These mini projects can be used for their portfolio, allowing them to see what programming languages they want to work with in the future.

This program usually lasts 1-2 hours, but students can take their projects home and work on them, usually with tutor options from classmates and teachers. This program is excellent for students who want to start learning the basics early on and start building resources to help them receive job offers in the future.

Student Hires Programs

Student hires work with different school districts to train other employees through our training courses so they can create a custom after school programs for kids students in their area. We also create expanded learning opportunities like one-on-one tutoring, steam programs, academic homework support, visual & performing arts, and more. Schedule a call with us to learn more!


After school programs provide students with different learning objectives they can complete and fill their repertoire of skills that can be used to secure job offers in the future or excel in higher education courses. What programs would you like to take? Let us know in the comments!

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