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6 Interesting Jobs for 13-Year-Olds

Last Updated on August 20, 2022 by Deandre Barrett

Written By Deandre Barrett  |  Education, K-12, Middle School  |  0 Comments | August 7, 2022

Jobs for 13-year-olds usually aren’t available through the usual channels. Companies might be able to get away with hiring family members or friends of family members. But, in most cases, jobs for 13-year-olds aren’t standard by normal means. But some jobs kids can participate in aren’t bound by conventional rules.

Jobs for 13-year-olds

For many 13-year-olds, finding a job can be a difficult task. While several entry-level positions may be available, many require experience or specific skills that many 13-year-olds lack. Many jobs also aren’t allowed to hire students under 16. As a result, the competition for these jobs can be fierce.

Additionally, many employers are reluctant to hire teenage employees, as they may be considered unreliable or immature. As a result, it can often be difficult for 13-year-olds to find gainful employment. However, it isn’t impossible to find entry-level jobs for 13-year-olds; here is a list of 6 jobs that 13-year-olds can take advantage of now.


Depending on the creativity of the child, they would be able to create and sell products on the Etsy platform. Etsy is famous for many handmade jewelry pieces and delicate items like glass orbs.

It is also popular with people who like anime and video games, so there are a lot of opportunities for 13-year-olds to create content they resonate with; Items like glass pens, handmade wood sculptures, orbs with shapes in them, stickers, and many more items. Etsy also allows people to sell items around the house, so any extra items stashed away could be sold for a reasonable price.

Social Media Influencer

Social media creates a lot of rising stars overnight. So, there is a chance for kids to be able to follow the trends of the growing world and allow them to build up a sizeable following. Because social media covers a wide variety of topics, 13-year-olds can choose any topic they are an expert in, from gaming reviews, make-up tutorials, cooking recipes, and troubleshooting guides. 

Once they reach the above age on each platform to start monetizing, they’ll be able to do a lot of different sponsor content. However, brands can still sign up with them to do deals and promotions for new products.

Beta Testing Jobs

13-year-olds are often seen as too young to work. However, many beta testing jobs for 13-year-olds. Beta testing is a process where a group of users tests a product or service before it is made available to the general public.

13-year-olds are perfect for beta testing jobs because they are tech-savvy and have fresh perspectives. In addition, 13-year-olds can provide valuable user experience feedback and identify potential bugs. So if you’re a 13-year-old looking for a job, don’t rule out beta testing jobs!

Depending on the platform, 13-year-olds can get paid for testing different products and services for companies. Companies want feedback about products they are creating from consumers around the country, but they don’t want it to get out to the general public. They also wish that the people testing their products do not affiliate with notable brands or even their own.

13-year-olds can test many physical products like food, cameras, phones, flashlights, and wallets. But they also allow people to try digital products like websites, game applications, banking apps, calendar apps, and fit trainer apps. 

These platforms usually pay between 10$ to 100$ depending on the project and the length. All that is needed is typically a phone or a computer that can at least run smaller games.

Esports Tournament Player

Depending on how good someone is and how popular the game is, they can become an Esport contestant. Esports is a high-level sport like football or tennis but with video games. 13-year-olds can also start being recruited at a young age for many different teams if they’re skillful enough.

Some colleges even offer scholarships for really good kids to train them for teams later. The money players can earn reach the ceiling of what government officials make in important positions ranging from 70,000$ to 500,000 contracts. That’s not including brand deals, streaming, social media platforms, interviews, and merchandise.

Jobs like this require high commitment and training to be the best in many game versions. But some kids who do it will make a lot of money and have many fans.

Voiceover Work

Different companies and TV shows make recruitment ads looking for people to do voices of characters and audiobooks. All 13-year-olds need for this position is a decent microphone, a quiet place to work, and equipment to upload the recordings.

There are also different places like Fiverr and Upwork where people look for other voices for projects they’re working on. Kids can add these projects to their portfolios for more work in the future.

Student Hires Programs

Student Hires offers a wide variety of expanded learning and after school programs for students. Teachers can attend workshops to learn about different skills like behavior management, time management, after school program curriculum, and more.


There are many options if you are looking for a summer job or just something to do in your spare time. We have highlighted six interesting jobs for 13-year-olds that can help you gain experience and skills in different areas. These jobs offer a variety of opportunities, so be sure to find the one that best suits your interests and talents. What was your first job when you were younger? Let us know in the comments below.

Last Updated on August 20, 2022 by Deandre Barrett

Deandre Barrett

Deandre Barrett is a computer programming major at Lehigh Carbon Community College. He currently juggles a life balance between doing course work and marketing apprenticeships with Acadium. After graduating from the Acadium 3rd cohort in 2020 and finishing creating gaming reviews for Blasting News in 2017. He is now creating content for Student Hires and looks to use his experience to take the company to the next level. Student Hires has been focused on collaborating with K-12 schools & universities, as well as community employers, to create valuable job opportunities for local college & university students.

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