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Local and National Organizations Support SBVC Foundation to Help Students Achieve Academic Goals

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Last Updated on April 8, 2023 by Deandre Barrett

In its 50th year of operation, the SBVC Foundation has recently secured more than $500K in additional donations to benefit SBVC students.

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians provided $300,000 to the SBVC Foundation as part of its Valley-Bound Commitment Program to help finance local high school graduates’ payments for community college tuition on a full-time basis. Over the last 15 years, San Manuel has given more than $2 million toward the program’s development.

The SBVC Foundation is dedicated to providing students with the necessary resources to succeed. With a mission of providing direct support for scholarships and college programs, the SBVC Foundation has been able to increase its local and national funding for students.

In recent years, the SBVC Foundation has seen an influx of donations from local businesses and national organizations. These donations have allowed the foundation to provide more scholarships and grants for needy students. The foundation also provides equipment, supplies, and other resources for college programs that may be limited.

Many funds have been used to help aid programs such as Finish Line Scholars Program, Health programs, Computer Science degrees, and more.

The SBVC Foundation is committed to helping students reach their academic goals by providing the necessary resources. The foundation can help more students achieve their dreams and higher education goals through generous donations from local and national sources.

“We are overwhelmed by the continued generosity of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians,” SBVC Foundation Director Mike Layne said. “The long-term support from San Manuel is helping us increase our capacity to provide equitable access to higher education opportunities for everyone in our service area. “

Student Hires and Grants

Student Hires is committed to offering experiential programs that positively impact K-12 students in local communities. These programs, led by college students, provide opportunities for exploring different career paths and developing critical skills that can translate into the fast-changing world of work. Along with promoting hands-on learning activities and creating a supportive atmosphere, Student Hires provides mentorship and aims to foster resilience in young people of all backgrounds. In addition, we use grants from local or national entities to ensure all our students are accounted for and prosper from our programs.


Thanks to the funds allocated to the SBVC foundation by local and national entities, their students should be able to learn and have access to a multitude of services so they can earn the career they deserve.

Last Updated on April 8, 2023 by Deandre Barrett

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