Last Updated on October 23, 2022

Announcement: Student Hires Hosts Exhibitor booth at Chino Hills Business Expo to show off Student Hires programs and showcase giveaways.

On Saturday, Oct 22, 2022, Student Hires will set up an exhibitor booth at The Shoppes Chino Hills Business Expo hosted by the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM PDT. Attendees can enjoy live music, entertainment, and more while networking with local businesses and receiving more information about their services. Student Hires will offer games, presentations, giveaways, and more at their booth.

Founder Manuel Zavala will talk to students, parents, and other local businesses with his team. They will conduct informational sessions with families to see what after-school programs will suit them and showcase potential future job opportunities for their children. Student Hires also plans to speak with other business reps and expand their local network.

Founder Manuel and his team at Student Hires are passionate about helping schools in the Inland Empire create successful after-school programs. They work closely with families to ensure that the programs satisfy their needs and provide their children with a safe and enriching environment. The team is also dedicated to helping students learn and grow academically and personally. Through their work, they hope to impact the lives of the students they serve positively.

Manuel also talks on the Startempire Wire podcast, where he talks about his experiences building his business and how he navigates his growing business. He also participates in information panels like Paws4Success, where he gives further insights on the benefits of starting your own business and building a team from scratch.

Manuel has been interviewed on the Startempire Wire podcast, where he discussed his experiences building up Student Hires and how it’s grown over time. He also speaks at information panels like Paws4Success about starting your own business or growing a team from scratch.

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