Last Updated on September 30, 2022

Announcement: Student Hires receives a Dream Fund grant from Caravanserai Project, which gives new entrepreneurs and small businesses support with funding, mentorship, masterclasses, and new potential customers through fundraisers.

Student Hires, a leader in student-run programs focused on helping schools create hands-on experiential K – 12 expanded learning programs, will receive $5k from Caravanserai Project.

The funding will help pay for staff payroll and help pay for expenses during each after-school program. In addition, participants in the Dream Fund Grant program are given one-on-one training before they are recommended for the grants to ensure they use the funding properly and responsibly.

Founder Manuel Zavala leads a group of trained college students to help schools across the Inland Empire create successful expanded learning and after-school programs that leave lasting impressions on families in the local communities.

Manuel also has a platform on the Startempire Wire podcast where he talks about his experiences building his business and provides information on how beginning entrepreneurs can manage their jobs and build a thriving business.

Manuel also joined a workshop panel for Paw4Sucess called Zero to Customer #1. In this workshop, he shares his entrepreneurial journey and explains how to lay a proper foundation when creating a small business.

Caravanserai Project is a hybrid social impact venture that helps identify, mobilize and energize mission-driven leaders. Whether they are explorers or advanced, Caravanserai Project helps them build sustainable, relevant, future-ready, and system-change ventures.

Caravanserai Project focuses on developing and implementing accountability systems, supplying specialized skills and future-thinking strategies to help their ideas flourish. They are also committed to helping leaders navigate today’s complex landscape to bring their game-changing ideas to life.

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