Last Updated on September 2, 2022

Announcement: Student Hires partners with Paws4Success to speak at their Zero to Customer #1 workshop and discuss how to lay the groundwork for building a business.

Student Hires, a growing leader in student-run programs focused on helping schools create hands-on experiential K-12 expanded learning programs, will speak at the Paws4Success Zero to Customer 1# workshop at Chino Hills, English Rd, CA. Student Hire’s founder Manuel Zavala will be speaking at the event on July 31st; Manuel will be presenting on how to lay the groundwork for building a business from zero to customer.

This entrepreneur workshop series is designed to help new entrepreneurs and experienced business owners learn the secret to building a successful business. The Zero to Customer 1# workshop series will consist of six panels with different speakers from July 2022-September 2022.

Manuel will share a panel alongside health & fitness coach Jay Perez, CPA Dough Wechsler, and more at the Zero to Customer #1 workshop. This event covers six frameworks to help entrepreneurs learn new concepts and share different ideas. In addition, Manuel will share his story of how Student Hires went from an idea to a growing entrepreneur business.

Paws4Success uses service dogs to help people with physical and psychological disabilities. These programs include mental health forums and resiliency workshops focusing on topics such as communication skills or stress management yoga classes for veterans’ empowerment in their communities through monthly luncheons open to all interested members.

To learn more about the guest speakers who will be there and how to register for the workshop, check out