Last Updated on September 30, 2022

Announcement: Student Hires sets up an information exhibitor booth at Riverside College and Career Fair sponsored by Bank of America and Riverside Chamber of Commerce.


Student Hires, a growing leader in student-run programs focused on helping schools create hands-on experiential K-12 expanded learning programs, will have an exhibitor booth at Riverside’s College and Career hosted by Bank of America and Riverside Chamber of Commerce.


The event will be from 4:30-7:30 held at 1299 Galleria at Tyler, Riverside, CA 92503. The event will have around 7000 students. Student Hires will be handing out information pamphlets and showcasing presentations about Student Hires and how students can join and gain internship experience while helping their local schools.


Founder Manuel Zavala will talk to students and their parents with his team and discuss different internship opportunities students can take and how their programs impact local after-school and expanded learning programs. Students will also be able to see examples and work they will complete in these programs and the benefits of partaking in each program.


Manuel and his team lead a group of college students who help schools in the Inland Empire create successful after-school programs. The programs satisfy families, so they know their children are safe and learning proper material.


Manuel also talks on the Startempire Wire podcast, where he talks about his experiences building his business and how he navigates his growing business. He also participates in information panels like Paws4Success, where he gives further insights on the benefits of starting your own business and building a team from scratch.


The Riverside Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that serves the business community in Riverside, California. The Chamber is dedicated to promoting economic development and supporting local businesses. Chamber members are active in the community, working to improve the quality of life for all residents.


The Chamber provides resources and networking opportunities for businesses. The Chamber also advocates for local, state, and federal business-friendly policies. The Chamber is a strong voice for businesses in Riverside and works to create an environment conducive to economic growth.


Contact Madelyn Torres, the Community Development Coordinator for the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce, for more information. You can call them at (951) 683-7100 Ext. 218 or