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Gledhill Street Early Education Center Adds New Outdoor Classroom to Help Younger Students Engage with Nature

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Written By Student Hires  |  News, California  |  0 Comments | March 14, 2023

Gledhill Street, Early Education Center, is proud to announce the opening of its new outdoor classroom! Designed as a Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom, this unique space includes several learning stations to help children explore and learn in a natural environment that will stimulate children’s natural curiosity.

The outdoor classroom was designed with the help of parents, teachers, and students to create an engaging and educational experience for all. The stations are designed to encourage exploration and discovery through hands-on activities such as gardening, bird watching, art projects, and more. With these activities, children will be able to develop their problem-solving skills while also having fun. These learning stations have been field-tested and research-based, allowing kids to learn information and understand in a safe outdoor environment with the help of teachers or trained support personnel.

The $1.73 million investment at Gledhill Early Education is one of 15 Nature Explore Outdoor Classrooms erected throughout Los Angeles Unified as part of a district-wide effort to increase outdoor learning options for kids in a safe, engaging and sustainable manner.

The Gledhill Street, Early Education Center, is committed to providing a quality early education experience that will prepare students for kindergarten and beyond. This new outdoor classroom is just one example of how they strive to ensure all students have access to the best possible learning environment with their 2022-26 strategic plan.

Two additional Nature Explore Outdoor Classrooms are currently under construction throughout Los Angeles Unified, with a combined budget of $89.5 million. These outdoor environments will be nurturing and tranquil learning areas that help our youngest pupils develop the skills they need to succeed in school before moving on to the outside world.

“We want our students to develop a meaningful relationship with nature and the environment that surrounds them,” Region North Superintendent Dr. David Baca said. “Gledhill’s newest addition gives our youngest students the opportunity to engage with nature in ways that enrich and bolster their educational experience.”

“I love these projects, nothing is better than connecting students to nature,” Chief Facilities Executive Mark Hovatter said. “You see their wonder and excitement as they go from station to station, exploring and learning something entirely different and new. While technology has become ingrained in our lives, we’re happy to provide a space for our students that’s rooted firmly in nature — electronics free. And there’s not a battery anywhere out here.”

Student Hires Outdoor Activities

Student Hires is an innovative agency that opens pathways for disadvantaged youth to become more career-ready. Through our hands-on programs, led by committed college students and designed to expand the learning experience of K-12 students, we are creating positive change in local communities. 

Our outdoor programs are structured to build valuable skills such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership building, and more, enabling young people to use these skills to access better job opportunities. In addition, we allow our students to learn new subjects outside and realize the benefits of combining traditional learning with nature.


The Gledhill Street, Early Education Center, has taken a proactive step to ensure its younger students get the most out of their education. Adding a new outdoor classroom allows students to engage with nature and participate in activities that can help improve their overall learning experience. This new addition will surely provide children with an educational boost in terms of knowledge and appreciation for the environment around them. This thoughtful and innovative addition shows the Gledhill Street Early Education Center’s commitment to quality and innovative education.

Last Updated on May 7, 2023 by Student Hires

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