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How to Write a Resume for High School Student First Job

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Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Miranda Zavala
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Creating the perfect resume for your first job as a high school student might seem tough. By following some simple advice, you can build a strong resume that makes employers notice you. You need to focus on your unique skills when creating your resume for high school student first job.

I remember my first job hunt. I was a nervous wreck, wondering how I could compete with all those experienced candidates. But then I realized something: I had unique skills and experiences that set me apart. 

Alright, let’s jump in. You might even enjoy yourself along the way.

Table Of Contents:

What to Include on a High School Student’s Resume for Their First Job

Crafting a high school student resume for your first job can feel overwhelming. But don’t stress. Even if you’re a high school student with zero work experience, you still have plenty to offer potential employers.

Figuring out what to include and how to show off your strengths is key. In this post, we will break down the must-have parts of a great high school resume, with lots of resume examples for inspiration.

Contact Information

First things first: make sure employers can easily reach you. Include your full name, phone number, email address, and city/state at the top of your high school student resume.

Double-check that your email is professional (think, not

Creating a professional email apart from your school email or personal email will work great for college applications and even for future job en

Objective or Summary Statement

Next up: a brief, punchy intro to grab the hiring manager’s attention. As a high school student, an objective statement is your best bet. In 1-2 sentences, state the job you’re seeking and the skills/traits that make you a great fit.

For example: “Hardworking high school student seeking a part-time retail position. Eager to apply my strong communication and organizational skills in a customer-facing role.”


Since you’re still in school, education should be a key focus of your resume for high school student first job. List your high school name, expected graduation date, GPA (if above 3.0), and any honors/AP classes.

If you’ve taken courses related to the job you want, definitely include those.

Work Experience

Now, for the section that stresses most high school students: work experience, But guess what? Babysitting, mowing lawns, and helping with the family business all count.

List any paid jobs or ongoing side gigs, with bullet points highlighting your duties and achievements. No formal work experience yet? No worries – we’ll cover some other options next.

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer work is an awesome way to build skills, show initiative, and boost your high school student resume. Include any volunteer gigs, charity work, or community service you’ve done. Aim for bullet points that illustrate the value you added or relevant skills you developed.

Extracurricular Activities

This is your moment to shine by sharing what you’re passionate about. Are you active on a sports team? Do you belong to any clubs or play an instrument?

These activities are all fair game. Talk about leadership roles you’ve held and any special accomplishments. Even skills like teamwork and technical abilities are worth mentioning since they can translate well into job settings.


Wrap up your high school resume with a dynamic skills section. Focus on the job you are aiming for and list relevant abilities like foreign language skills, software knowledge, or essential soft skills such as teamwork and time management.

The best resume format for high school students is one that clearly showcases your strengths, passions, and potential – even if you have limited work experience. By thoughtfully including these key sections, you’ll be well on your way to landing that exciting first job and impressing those job seekers.

High School Student Resume Examples

Looking at strong examples is a great way to make your high school student resume shine. By observing how others showcase their skills and experiences, you can find inspiration for crafting the perfect resume that stands out from the crowd.

This section offers various high school student resume samples for different needs. If it’s your first time applying for work or you’re going after something more challenging, these straightforward resumes will guide you.

Resume with No Experience

When I was crafting my first high school resume, I remember staring at a blank page and thinking “I have nothing to put.”

But that’s rarely true – with a little creativity, most high school students can find relevant experiences and skills to include, even if they’ve never held jobs.

If you’re a high school student working on your resume and don’t have formal job experience, highlight volunteer work, extracurricular activities, academic achievements, and soft skills like communication or problem-solving. Emphasize where you’ve taken responsibility or made an impact in other areas of life.

Part-Time Job Resume

If you’re seeking a part-time job, like retail or food service, highlight any customer service experience you have. This could be from a previous part-time gig, but also from volunteering, school projects, or even babysitting.

For example, I once helped my friend draft a resume sample for a grocery store job high school student. We focused on her volunteer role greeting visitors at a local festival and her experience collaborating on group projects in class – both showed off her friendly demeanor and teamwork skills.

It is also important to use the job description to your advantage. When reviewing a job description be sure you have the same skills they look for and include them in your resume under the skills section.

Experienced High School Student Resume

Some high schoolers have quite extensive work experience – whether from summer jobs, student internship roles, or starting their own small businesses. If you’re one of these go-getters, then your high school student resume should definitely focus on your work history.

One of my past high school students kicked off a thriving dog-walking business in her local area. We showcased on her resume how she mastered marketing, customer service, managing time efficiently, and pet care through this venture.

McDonald’s Resume

Applying for a job at McDonald’s or another fast food chain? Emphasize your ability to work in a fast-paced environment, handle multiple tasks at once, and provide friendly customer service. Any experience in food service or cash handling is a major plus.

I remember helping my younger cousin with his McDonald’s resume. Even though he’d never had a “real” job before, we highlighted his experience helping with a busy concession stand at school football games.

The skills he’d gained there – working quickly, handling money, and dealing with cranky customers – were super relevant for a sales associate role.

Customer Service Resume

If you’re interested in a customer service job, like working at a call center or retail store, your resume template should showcase your communication and problem-solving skills. Think about times you’ve helped resolve conflicts, handled tricky situations, or gone above and beyond to assist someone.

A high school student I mentored had an amazing summer gig at the local library where she volunteered. She got really good at assisting people in finding books, fielding various questions, and even dealing with unhappy guests now and then. Those abilities were ideal for jobs that involve interacting directly with customers.

Camp Counselor Resume

Applying to be a camp counselor? Your high school student resume should include leadership, responsibility, and a love for working with kids.

Highlight any experience you have leading groups, planning activities, or supervising children. If you’re CPR certified or have other relevant training, definitely include that too.

One of my all-time favorite high school student resume examples was from a girl who’d been a “mother’s helper” for years, assisting neighborhood families with childcare and errands. She described planning educational games, preparing healthy snacks, and mediating sibling squabbles – all fantastic examples of her childcare abilities.

There are plenty of high school student resume examples that can help you get started. By checking out how others list their skills and experiences, you’ll pick up tips on making your own stand out to hiring managers.

Customize your resume for each role, use strong action verbs, and don’t forget to proofread before sending it off. With an impressive resume ready to go, you’re set to dive into the job market.

Key Takeaway:

Even if you lack formal work experience, you can still create a strong resume by highlighting your education, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and relevant skills. Tailor each section to the job you’re applying for and use real-world examples to show off your strengths.

Tips for Creating a Standout High School Student Resume

One of the most important tips for creating a standout resume for a high school student’s first job is to tailor it to the specific position you’re applying for. I’ve seen firsthand how much of a difference this can make.

When I was hiring for a part-time sales associate position, the resumes that stood out were the ones that highlighted relevant skills like customer service and teamwork. They didn’t just list generic achievements or classes.

Use Action Verbs

Another key tip is to use strong action verbs in your experience descriptions. Instead of saying “responsible for stocking shelves,” write “efficiently stocked shelves and managed inventory.”

Highlighting these traits paints you as a motivated, results-focused collaborator. Your high school student resume becomes way more engaging this way.

Highlight Relevant Skills

If you are applying for a customer service role, highlight skills that matter most. Show off how well you communicate and solve problems effectively.

For a more technical position, you could emphasize your proficiency with certain software programs or your quick learning skills. The key skills section of your high school resume is valuable real estate – make every word count.

Keep It Concise

It’s also crucial to keep your resume for a high school student’s first job concise. Aim for one page and use a clear, easy-to-read resume font and formatting.

Bullet points are your friend – they help keep things skimmable. If you find yourself going over one page, see what you can cut. Each piece of information should be essential and relevant.

Proofread Carefully

Finally, before hitting “send” on your high school student resume, be sure to proofread it carefully. I recommend proofreading it multiple times and even having others look over it. A resume with typos or formatting issues can quickly land in the “no” pile.

Ask a teacher, guidance counselor, or parent to review it as well for an extra set of eyes. With careful attention to these tips, your high school resume will be in excellent shape to help you land that first job. Remember, a standout resume is within reach – it just takes some strategic thinking and attention to detail.

Frequently Asked Questions About High School Student Resumes

As a high school student crafting your resume, you probably have a lot of questions. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Here are answers to some of the most common questions I hear from job seekers about high school student resumes.

What if I don’t have much job experience?

Many high school students haven’t had formal jobs yet, and that is totally fine. Your resume can still shine by including your volunteer experiences, involvement in clubs or sports teams, and skills picked up through high school student internships or class assignments.

Make sure to talk about your transferable skills and how they fit into a job setting. For instance, if you’ve been in charge of a club or sports team, you can point out your leadership qualities and ability to work well with others.

Should I include my GPA on my resume?

It depends. If your GPA is strong (3.5 or above), it could be worth including, especially if the job you’re applying for is academically focused (like tutoring).

But if your GPA is lower, it’s probably best to leave it off and focus on other strengths.

When building your high school resume, focus on showcasing skills and experiences you gained outside the classroom. Keep the education section short just include your school’s name and when you expect to graduate.

Do I need a cover letter?

A cover letter might not be mandatory, but I strongly suggest including one with your high school student resume. It’s an opportunity to let them see who you are beyond grades and activities, share why this position interests you, and argue convincingly that you’re the right person for it.

Keep your cover letter concise (one-page max) and tailor it to the specific job. Use specific examples to illustrate your technical skills and experiences. Don’t forget to proofread it just as carefully as your resume.

What skills should I focus on?

As a high school student with limited work experience, some of the most valuable skills to highlight on your resume are:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Adaptability
  • Foreign language skills

If you have technical skills, like knowing how to use specific software programs, definitely mention those. Highlighting these abilities can show employers that you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Remember, your high school resume is a chance to sell yourself to potential employers. By focusing on your strengths and tailoring your resume to each job, you’ll be well on your way to landing that first position. Don’t be afraid to highlight what makes you unique – that’s what will help you stand out from the crowd.

Key Takeaway:

To make your high school resume stand out, tailor it to the job. Use action verbs and highlight relevant skills.

Keep it concise with clear formatting and bullet points. Proofread carefully before sending.


Creating a resume for high school student first job isn’t so bad after all. By highlighting your unique skills, experiences, and achievements, you can create a resume that stands out from the crowd.

Remember, employers aren’t expecting you to have a ton of work experience. They’re looking for enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and a positive attitude. Show them that you’ve got what it takes, and you’ll be well on your way to landing that first job.

So go forth and create that killer resume. The world is your oyster, and your first job is just around the corner.

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Whether you’re a high school or college student looking for work experience there is help for everyone. Join the mission today by getting involved with Student Hires.

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