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Golden State Pathways Program Tackles College and Career Struggles

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The Golden State Pathways Program is going to be something beneficial to students and educators. As many educators know, the pathway to college and career success is not always smooth. Many students struggle to find their way, especially in a state as large and diverse as California. The Golden State Pathways Program was created to help students overcome these challenges. In this program, students receive tutoring, mentorship, and support from educators and business professionals with the help of the government sending schools grants.

The goal is to help them graduate from high school and college and build upon the skills they learned from the programs to help them with any career they choose. The program’s primary goals are to send funding from a $500 million pool to support local programs and organizations.

What is the Golden State Pathways Program?

The Golden State Pathways Program is a new initiative from the California Department of Education that aims to provide all students with a clear and attainable pathway to graduation and postsecondary success.

The program is built around four core components: college and career readiness, social-emotional learning, equitable access to resources, and educator supports. Students will be able to take dual-enrollment programs while they are still in high school and receive college credit for AP and IP courses. In addition, more funding from the government allows schools to prioritize STEM programs and give their students more support with peer-to-peer tutoring, mentorships, job shadowing, and more.

Through the Golden State Pathways program, the goal is to give every student in California the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in school and beyond. The Golden State Pathways program is being piloted in select school districts and will be rolled out statewide over the next few years. Golden State Pathways is an ambitious and far-reaching effort to ensure that all students in California have the opportunity to use to help their students reach their full potential.

How Can Students Benefit from these Programs?

Since more schools are being given workforce and STEM grants because of the recent historic budget increase signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, students will be able to take more integrated programs from their high schools and colleges. These grants will also help low-income families and diverse communities from Black, Latino, Asian, and more. These programs will help everyone get ahead of their learning and students who are behind because of the pandemic.

The grants will also benefit schools by creating achievement gap programs and giving students more chances to communicate with their classmates outside of school through community-run events. Priority will be given to communities with lower than average A-G course completion or higher than average poverty rates, homelessness, school suspensions, and dropouts in any given school year.

How Will Student Hires Help Schools Manage their Expanded Learning Programs?

Student Hires is currently developing courses and workshops that will train college students who want to get involved in their communities to learn how to teach younger students. They will receive crash courses on how to manage their students and assist any teachers with personal projects and learning objectives. We will also hand out surveys to students to see what students enjoyed about our programs and what we need to improve. Want to learn more? Check out our partner page for more information.


The Golden State Pathways Program is an excellent opportunity for schools to develop different programs to help students get a head-start on their on not only their education but also their careers. If schools continue to receive proper funding and support, they will be able to make students from all communities shine.

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