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High School Students in San Francisco are Struggling to be High-School Ready

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recent study has found that less than half of all San Francisco students are high-school ready for the 2021-2022 school year. In addition, more than a fourth of all students are chronically absent, which has since doubled since 2019; This is a troubling trend with far-reaching implications not only for the budget of the districts involved but also for how families see the school districts as well.

In addition, two-thirds of the students involved in these statistics are African-American, which continues to show a trend of low-income and diverse groups being affected more by the pandemic.

In English Language Arts, 42 percent of students in the district scored below proficiency, making their grade sets deemed “unsatisfactory.” San Francisco also declined to show information about students who are ready for college or a career after graduation. No wonder students are starting to drop out and move to other states besides rising property costs. 

Only Asian students were deemed likely to be at least 13% more high-school ready than other ethnicities.

High-school dropouts are more likely to experience unemployment, poverty, and homelessness. They are also more likely to become involved in crime; This is not just a problem for the individual students; it is a problem for society as a whole. Therefore, we must find a way to address this issue and ensure that all our young people have the opportunity to succeed.

How Can Schools Make Their Students High-School Ready

In recent years, many schools have been struggling with declining enrollment; This is driven by several factors, including a decrease of students in the city or state and an increase in the number of families choosing private or charter schools. As a result, schools are struggling to maintain their enrollments and are forced to make cuts in programs and staff.

Students are also struggling to be high-school ready in their communities because of the ongoing issues of the pandemic.

One way schools can rectify this issue is by ensuring that their students are high-school ready, providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in high school and beyond. It also means ensuring they have access to high-quality resources and support services. 

By making these changes, schools can better prepare their students for the future and attract more families to their schools.

However, this still won’t be an easy task to solve since many low-income groups need time to catch up with other students who have successfully learned the class material over the years


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San Francisco public schools will have a tough time addressing these issues the longer they put them off. Schools holding onto their remaining students won’t be a long-lasting solution. While some schools offer summer bridge programs and other literacy programs, schools must ensure that all students are adequately prepared for high school. In addition, public schools should continue to offer support services and expand their summer bridge programs so that every student has a chance to be successful in high school.

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