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How to Cope with Stress in College

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Trying to cope with stress in college can be a rough time for many students. Balancing classes, homework, and exams while trying to have a social life can be difficult. 

Add stress from financial concerns or family problems; it is easy to see why so many students struggle with anxiety and depression. However, there are ways to cope with stress during college. Below are some tips that can help students manage their stress and stay healthy during this time.

Why Do Students Experience Stress in College?

Many students struggle to cope with stress in college. There are several reasons why this occurs. First, college is often a time of significant transition. 

Students may be living away from home for the first time, managing their finances, and juggling a demanding course load. Students may also be dealing with personal issues that are going on at home or work. They also might have emotional problems with themselves or their friends around them.

These responsibilities can be overwhelming, leading to feelings of stress and anxiety. Additionally, college students often face pressure to succeed. They may feel like they need to get exceptional grades to land a job after graduation or meet the expectations of their family and friends.

This pressure can lead to even more stress and anxiety, and students might find themselves in the cycle of school, work, relationships, and fighting their struggles daily.

Also, college can be a socially demanding environment. Students may need to socialize and participate in activities to fit in constantly; Only some people worry about having the perfect college experience; However, students who want that kind of life for themselves might be taking on too many responsibilities and thus struggle to cope with stress in college.

Furthermore, this can be taxing, leading to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Thankfully, there are several ways to cope with stress in college. Also, students can develop healthy coping mechanisms like exercise, meditation, and journaling. They can also build music playlists to help relax the mind when stressed out.

When they feel overwhelmed, they can also contact campus resources, such as counseling services. By coping with stress, college students can set themselves up for success inside and outside the classroom.

What are Different Ways Students Can Cope with Stress?

These methods, while not all of them are easy, will give students the feeling of accomplishment when they finally get into the rhythm. Here are four ways students can cope with stress and enjoy their free time more instead of worrying about multiple things.

Reducing Stress with Music

With the demands of college, many students find that they need an outlet to cope with stress in college. For some, this comes from exercise or spending time with friends. 

However, for many students, music is the perfect way to cope with the stresses of college life. Listening to music can help to boost mood and energy levels, and it can also provide a much-needed distraction from schoolwork. In addition, playing music can be a great way to relieve stress.

Music helps relieve stress and increases cognitive awareness depending on the song. Students can also take a break from working by walking through the park and listening to their favorite songs to unwind. In addition, music can motivate students to work harder on projects and get into a good zone. 

Students can either Strum a guitar or bang out a tune on the drums; making music is a great way to let off some steam, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by college, don’t forget that music can be a powerful tool for coping with stress.

Exercise Reduces Stress

 Working out can help students take their stress out on something else and make them feel better about themselves. Working out can increase blood flow throughout the body and raise cognitive awareness. 

Yoga can also warm the muscles and relax the body with stretches and massage techniques. In addition, students can listen to music while exercising, which will help them focus on their routine and cope with stress in college.

Getting Enough Sleep

A proper sleep routine will ensure that students are alert and have the energy to do their daily tasks. Sleep also helps with memory retention and critical thinking, so students can make the proper decisions that will help them be productive during the day.

Stop Procrastinating on Projects

 You must complete your paper the night before the due date. Sound familiar? While putting off assignments may offer temporary relief, it can lead to even more anxiety and stress. 

When deadlines loom, and the pressure is on, it can be challenging to stay focused and motivated. One way to combat procrastination is to create a timeline for your project, breaking it down into smaller tasks that you can complete over time.

Additionally, set aside some uninterrupted time each day to work on your assignment. And if you find yourself struggling to focus, plenty of resources are available, including tutoring services and writing centers. 

You can overcome procrastination and succeed in college by taking small steps and seeking help when needed. Students can also look for an accountability partner to ensure they do their work every week.

How Student Hires Help Students Cope with Stress in College?

Student Hires hands-on experiential K-12 expanded learning programs led by college students that increase the career readiness of disadvantaged youth in our community. 

A vital component of these programs is providing students with the opportunity to cope with stress in college and learn how to navigate the challenges that come with higher education. 

As a result, our programs prepare youth for successful careers and help them develop the skills and resilience needed to succeed in college and beyond. Investing in our community’s youth ensures that tomorrow’s leaders are prepared to meet the challenges of a changing world.


College can be a stressful time for students. Between exams, papers, and social obligations, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, there are ways to cope with stress in college that can help you succeed academically and emotionally. In this blog post, we’ve shared some tips on managing stress during your time in school. 

We hope that you find these tips helpful and that they make your college experience less stressful. So how do you deal with stress? Let us know in the comments below!

Last Updated on April 26, 2023 by Student Hires

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