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RUSD Civic Showcase for 2023

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The fourth annual RUSD Civic Showcase will take place at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium on May 10 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. Students’ civic engagement projects, which range across disciplines including science, technology, engineering, policymaking, and economics, as well as social issues like public health and environmental protection are all going to be shown during this event. On their community’s most pressing issue and what can be done

Students can look forward to attending events such as the State Seal of Civic Engagement, where students complete a civic engagement project and get the chance to earn a diploma seal or a graduation cord. Students can also earn a scholarship.

Students can also participate in project Soapbox at the RUSD Civics Showcase, where They give an original 2-4 minute speech on an important subject. These vital speeches have long-term beneficial consequences in schools, neighborhoods, and communities. For example, students at Soapbox Riverside spoke about the issue: “What is the most significant problem facing your community, and what should be done about it?”

According to a quote from Edsource, “Students must learn to self-advocate for issues they believe in a productive way without harming someone else or impugning the character of someone who disagrees with you,” Nelson said. “Adults are not doing great now at modeling behavior for students.”

Interested parties can contact Carolyn Power at for more information.

Student Hires and Showcase Events

At Student Hires, we are passionate about providing hands-on experiential learning programs for K-12 students in local communities. Our programs are led by college students and teach valuable skills and increase the career readiness of disadvantaged youth. We firmly believe every student should have access to quality educational opportunities, regardless of background or socioeconomic status. 

In addition, we take the time to go to local job fair events and information events to help local families find programs that are right for their situation with individuals who provide different learning experiences. 

With our unique approach, we can engage students in a way that ignites their curiosity and prepares them for future success. Join us as we work to empower the next generation of leaders in our community.


RUSD Civics Showcase is an excellent opportunity to reward students for their efforts and recognize them for their achievements. It’s also a perfect opportunity for newer students to get motivated and aspire to break records and win awards.

Last Updated on May 7, 2023 by Student Hires

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