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How to Make Online Classes More Engaging

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It can be tough to make online classes more engaging for students, but educators can do a few things to make learning more enjoyable. First, by incorporating games, activities, and social media into the curriculum, teachers can help students stay interested and motivated. Educators can use creative tools and technology to make the online learning experience fun and engaging for their students.

Why Aren’t Online Classes More Engaging?

Online classes are becoming increasingly popular, but many students find them less engaging than traditional classes; This can be attributed to a few different factors.

First, online classes don’t have the physical presence of an instructor. With an instructor in the room, staying motivated and engaged with the material is much easier for students. Additionally, there needs to be one-on-one interaction between the student and instructor, making it easier to prepare a personal lesson plan.

Second, online courses often require more self-discipline than traditional classes. Third, since there is no physical class meeting, students must take responsibility for their learning and stay on top of assignments and deadlines without external reminders from instructors or peers.

Finally, online courses may need to provide more opportunities for collaboration with other students. Group projects are often a key component of traditional classes that help foster engagement and teamwork skills; however, these activities can be challenging to replicate online.

Overall, online classes offer great flexibility and convenience for busy students; however, they also come with unique challenges that can make them less engaging than traditional classes. By understanding these challenges and taking steps to address them, instructors can help ensure that their online courses are just as interesting as their in-person ones.

Add More Storytelling to Make Online Classes More Engaging

Students are engaged in stories all over social media. They have access to the world at their fingertips even educational YouTube videos are rising in popularity because they present their information through stories. Teachers can make online classes more engaging by adding story elements to their lessons and involving students.

When using storytelling in your online classes, setting the tone and expectations for your students is essential. Introduce the story you will tell and explain why it’s relevant to the lesson; This will help keep your students engaged and interested in what you have to say. You can also use tools like Twine, Storyist, or Plotagon to create visually appealing and interactive stories for your students.

Another great way to use storytelling in online classes is by having your students share their own stories; This will help them become more critical readers as they gain new insights into narrative structure and characterization. Students can also use apps or sites like Common Sense Education or Unicheck Blog, which provide resources for digital storytelling.

After all, we all have experiences we can share and gain insight into. These experiences also give students to talk with other students and listen to their stories, gaining viewpoints in a different light. Adding storytelling elements will not only make online classes more engaging but also make the classes more personal.

Create More Online Events to Make Online Classes More Engaging

Teachers can make online classes more engaging by making online events like virtual coffee events or gaming tournaments. These events bring the students closer together and encourage them to pay attention in class. Teachers can also create events for big study groups for projects and upcoming tests.

These sessions break up the constant learning that online classes have and give students more time to breathe and talk about what happened in their lives recently. These events help give students more social time when they are usually home watching videos or participating in live classes but not talking to each other.

Another way to do this is by hosting virtual meetups or webinars. Teachers can use these events to discuss topics related to the class, allow students to ask questions, or even give everyone a chance to get to know each other better. Additionally, these types of events allow students to network with each other and build relationships outside of the classroom.

Another way to create more engaging online classes is by using social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. By creating a group page or hashtag explicitly dedicated to your class, you can encourage students to interact with each other in real-time and share resources or ideas related to the course material. This interaction can foster community among your students and make them feel more connected with their peers.

Why Social Media Makes Online Classes More Engaging?

Social media adds an extra layer of interactions. For example, having an online group channel where students can discuss different topics and share additional photos about their day will make online classes more engaging and help the teachers get involved in some discussions.

There are several reasons why social media can make online classes more engaging:

  1. Social media provides a platform for students to interact with each other and share ideas and resources. This interaction can help create a sense of community among otherwise geographically dispersed students.
  2.  Social media can supplement class content by providing links to articles, videos, and other resources to help students understand and apply the material.
  3.  Social media can provide an outlet for student feedback that can help instructors improve the online learning experience. Students giving this feedback will stay within the overall experience since online classes can be more flexible.

Social media can be a valuable tool for making online classes more engaging and supportive. Social media also allows teachers to discuss different events happening in the real world outside of the classroom and build natural topics around them. 

Adding social media to online classes will help develop more discussions and encourage students to share their experiences of situations and how they overcome them. Students will also enjoy the topics more than reading from an old textbook provided by the school district.

How Student Hires Can Help Train Students and Teachers

Student Hires is an innovative program that provides hands-on, project-based after-school programs led by college students. The program helps increase the career readiness of disadvantaged students and provides them with valuable skills to help them succeed in their future endeavors. It also allows teachers to gain experience working with college students while providing a unique learning environment for their students.

The program works by having college student mentors lead projects and activities related to their field; This allows teachers to focus on teaching and mentoring, while the college student mentors are responsible for leading the project and providing guidance to the students. This type of collaboration between teachers and college students creates a unique learning environment where both parties can benefit from each other’s expertise.


Online classes will become more popular as the years fly by. Teachers must know what tools to use to make online courses more engaging so students can quickly learn subjects and connect with their classmates. So how are your online systems set up? Let us know in the comments below!

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