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Microsoft Showcases their New Additions to Office 365 Suite with Learning Accelerator Tools

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Microsoft recently unveiled a suite of Learning Accelerator tools designed to help teachers and students. These tools are integrated into Microsoft 365 and target critical skills such as reading and literacy, information literacy, and personalized learning. With these tools, educators can create more personal and effective engagement with their students while streamlining the creation, review, and analysis of student progress.

Coach and Progress Accelerators accomplish these benefits:

  1. Real-time coaching, as well as self-directed learning opportunities, are included in the Coach services.
  2. Actionable insights may help teachers customize lessons while enabling students to get feedback and instruction via progress dashboards.
  3. The solutions assist schools in unlocking every student’s full potential within a safe and inclusive setting.

This article will explore why these tools are essential and how they work.

What is Microsoft Learning Accelerator Tools?

Microsoft Teams, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word, and other well-known applications contain Learning Accelerators that help students learn faster and allow teachers to showcase information easily. In addition, students will have an easier time learning concepts thanks to these powerful Learning Accelerator tools while also allowing teachers to collect their data simultaneously.

Teachers can also use Microsoft Learning Accelerators anywhere as long as a Microsoft 365 suite is available in the teaching location. In addition, Microsoft will offer these Accelerators at no extra cost. In addition, Microsoft will continually update its existing software with its accelerator tools to help teachers bridge the gap of the recent learning loss occurring throughout the pandemic.

Reading Reflect

It’s vital for students to understand the difference between fact and opinion when interpreting a complex reading task. However, according to recent data, 13.5% of 15-year-olds in the United States can distinguish between fact and opinion when presented with such a task.

The ability to differentiate between fact and opinion is essential for students as they progress through their education.

Facts are statements that can be proven true or false, while opinionated views are based on assumptions that cannot be verified through the subject matter. Knowing the difference is vital in understanding how to interpret a text accurately and make informed decisions.

Teachers can help students learn these skills thanks to these new and regularly updated learning tools.

What are the Learning Accelerator Tools Available in Microsoft’s Office 365 Suite?

Microsoft Learning Accelerator tools can vary depending on the needs of the teachers. For example, if one teacher needs help raising their class’s reading proficiency score, the Office 365 Suite has Reading Coach and Reading Progress to help students keep track of the areas in which they need assistance. Here is a list of current accelerator tools:

  1. Reading Coach: Reading Coach uses data-driven learning experiences to accelerate reading fluency. It works by identifying words that students are having difficulty with, providing personalized feedback and resources to help them improve their reading skills, and assisting teachers in monitoring student progress. The tool also includes features such as audio recordings of passages for students to practice with, as well as games and activities to make learning fun.
  2. Reading Progress: Microsoft Reading Progress is a free tool built into Microsoft Teams to support and track classroom reading fluency. It allows students to record their reading progress, receive feedback from educators, and practice their reading skills independently. The tool also includes pronunciation and diction coaching for students with dyslexia or other learning disabilities. Microsoft Reading Progress is an effective way to help students improve their reading fluency and comprehension.
  3. Search Progress: Students require an understanding of internet search tools today. Search Progress offers a window into students’ searching habits and behaviors as well as suggestions for enhancing the quality of their search queries over time by tracking information literacy skills growth in the classroom. Students’ search queries become empowered, and their teachers have more information on what they are looking for.
  4. Search Coach: Effective communication is crucial at every stage of life. Speaker Coach is a live coaching tool that enables instructors to evaluate and give quick, helpful feedback on students’ public speech performances in real time without an audience’s discomfort.
  5. Speaker Progress: The free app, Speaker Progress, displays information on students’ public speaking capabilities using analytics from Speaker Coach. Teachers may track how presentation skills are improving at the individual, class, grade, and school levels while freeing up time for active teaching with this program.
  6. Insights for Teachers: Student activity can now be tracked across multiple classes; It provides a more comprehensive view of student engagement in several classrooms. In a straightforward, actionable format that enables educators to see trends, assist students, and save time
  7. Insights for Leaders: School leaders may find out the bigger picture with data on student activity, class participation, and more through School Leadership Insights; They can review information simultaneously across all Accelerator tools and inform teachers on action items they need to consider.
  8. Reading Reflect: The Microsoft Reflect feature helps students identify and express their feelings safely and entertainingly, teaching them to build up their emotional vocabularies while also providing educators with the insights they need to give active support. In addition, students can learn how to talk about any emotion using The Feelings Monster, which will assist them in finding the correct words for those sensations.
  9. Math Coach: Microsoft Math Coach is a new category of tools from Microsoft Education that helps students learn math more effectively. It deconstructs math problems, breaking them down into steps and providing text explanations for each step and operation; This helps students think more deeply about each situation and develop critical thinking skills. Additionally, it provides real-time feedback and helpful tips to help students understand the material better. In addition, Microsoft Math Coach also allows teachers to create personalized learning experiences for their students by giving them access to data on student performance and Progress.
  10. Math Progress: Microsoft Math Progress is a tool designed to help teachers assess students’ understanding of math concepts. It allows teachers to generate practice questions, identify which concepts are challenging for students, and provide feedback and support. Microsoft Math Progress also helps teachers track student progress and adjust their teaching strategies. Additionally, it can be used with other Microsoft Education tools, such as Speaker Progress and Math Coach, to enhance learning outcomes further.

Can Students Easily Use Microsoft Learning Accelerator Tools Outside the Classroom?

Microsoft suite is an excellent tool for students to use on the go. With Office for the web programs included in most Microsoft 365 plans, students can access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files on their devices using a web browser. In addition, they can easily install Office applications on their Android phones or tablets with just a few clicks.

Insights Teachers

Students can also sign in to Microsoft 365 and access their documents from anywhere. Schools can also keep a supply of Microsoft tablets and laptops so students can use them anywhere in school, even if they don’t have a device.

In addition, Microsoft offers free versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which students can access by signing up at The Microsoft 365 app is also available on Google Play Store, so students can create, edit and share documents from any device.

Overall, it is easy for students to use Microsoft suite on the go with all these features available at their fingertips.

How Student Hires Incorporates Microsoft Learning Accelerator Tools

Student Hires is dedicated to bridging educational and economic gaps by creating hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for K-12 students led by college students. Working closely with teachers and helping them use Microsoft accelerator tools, Student Hires provides youth with the increased career readiness skills necessary to thrive in the modern workforce. Student hires work hard to make sure every student has the chance to showcase their skillset to employers across the Inland Empire.


Microsoft Learning Accelerator tools are a large part of Microsoft’s initiative to help students suffering from the aftereffects of the pandemic. Teachers all over the globe can use these tools to help students learn at a faster pace and get the careers they want. So is your school using some of the learning accelerator tools? Let us know in the comments below!

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