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Montclair Early Music (MEM) Awarded Music Education Grant

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The Essex County Division of Cultural and Historic Affairs has provided a grant to Montclair Early Music (MEM), a nonprofit organization that uses music to bring history alive. The rich arts and heritage community in Essex County is the Department’s priority, which aims to offer opportunities and raise awareness about it.

Montclair Early Music is a nonprofit organization that promotes the study and performance of music from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. They host concerts, workshops, and educational events throughout the year, featuring both local and internationally-renowned musicians and ensembles.

The organization also offers classes and private instruction in various early music instruments, such as the lute, recorder, and harpsichord. Their mission is to provide a platform for the community to experience and appreciate the beauty and diversity of early music and to support and nurture the next generation of early music performers and enthusiasts.

“We are musicians who love to play Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music, and occasionally more modern music. Our main instruments are recorders. The music is similar to choral music with soprano, alto, tenor, and bass lines, thereby making it easy to form a consort. We offer classes for beginners.”

Montclair Early Music will be able to continue on its primary objective of musical education, thanks to this operational grant, for ages 9 through 90 at all levels.

MEM Board President Martin Brounstein says, “The grant [we] received from Essex County will be used towards heightening our ability to provide musical education and enjoyment to the community.”

3rd and 4th-grade students can get free and low-cost music lessons through MEM. The “Great Recorder Challenge” is a Suzuki curriculum that teaches kids to play the songs by ear. History and culture are woven into the music in this unique program. At the end of six weeks, children perform an intergenerational concert with adults.

MEM will continue to push their classes and work forward so more students can learn the finer aspects of playing different instruments.

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Montclair Early Music (MEM) has been honored with a grant from the Essex County Division of Cultural and Historic Affairs! This grant will allow MEM to continue its mission of preserving musical traditions and educating people through performance. 

The ensemble plays Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and modern music predominantly on recorders, guitars, and drums. You can find more information about Montclair Early Music on their website at or follow them on Facebook at

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