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Pajaro Valley Unified School District Combats Student Enrollment Decline by Joining Forces with Leading Companies to Rekindle Student Engagement

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In the wake of a significant decline in student enrollment, the Pajaro Valley Unified School District has taken a proactive approach by forging partnerships with major companies to revitalize its educational offerings. With a 26% reduction in student population, the district is leveraging these collaborations to expand opportunities in engineering, technology, and construction fields, as reported by KSBW.

Among the noteworthy collaborations is the district’s partnership with Joby Aviation, a prominent player in the aviation industry. This partnership aims to nurture young engineering talents, potentially leading to valuable certificates and student apprenticeships to aid with the student enrollment decline. 

Additionally, the district has joined forces with Granite Construction, a renowned name in the construction sector. This collaboration focuses on engaging students in building accessory dwelling units, contributing to alleviating the pressing housing crisis in the community.

The strategic move of the district to take ownership of Career Technical Education (CTE) funding from the state in 2019 has paved the way for such innovative partnerships. This decision gives the district direct control over the resources and educators responsible for integrating CTE programs. 

Murry Schekman, the interim Superintendent, highlighted the benefits of this shift, stating, “Because of that move, before I got back here, it’s just perfect.”

The district’s dedication to bolstering career and technical education aims to attract more students to enroll. The district offers pathways in various disciplines, such as engineering, music, entrepreneurialism, and education. By emphasizing subjects that empower students with practical skills and knowledge, Pajaro Valley Unified School District strives to reverse the decline in enrollment and prepare students for success in higher education and the workforce.

Julie Edwards, the PVUSD career technical education coordinator, stressed the importance of equity in the educational landscape. The district is committed to ensuring that every student has access to diverse pathways, allowing them to choose an educational journey that aligns with their aspirations. These programs enhance students’ financial literacy, foster civic engagement, and cultivate the confidence needed for future endeavors.

Tuesday, August 15th. The Pajaro Valley Unified School District Expanded Learning After-School Program will be available Monday through Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. In contrast, the program will extend from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Fridays. They are committed to providing students with enriching opportunities beyond the regular school day, fostering their growth and development in various fields.

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In a constantly evolving world, Pajaro Valley Unified School District’s forward-thinking collaborations with significant companies exemplify its dedication to providing students with relevant and valuable education. These partnerships address the district’s current challenges and open new avenues of growth and opportunity for its students.

Last Updated on August 16, 2023 by Student Hires

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