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Programming After School Programs

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Programming after school programs is a great way for kids to get a learning experience in how to build something from scratch with just an idea and already established knowledge. It’s good to get started on these ideas while they are young and still absorbing a lot of information early on. We will go over four different programming after school programs that kids can participate in right now.

List of Programming After School Programs

Programming after school programs covers a wide range of topics depending on the age group to help build interest in the children early on. There are a lot of fun projects that can be created using these programs.

Minecraft Programming After School Program

Minecraft programming after school programs allows students to be able to create different Minecraft structures using coding languages that are easy to understand in a visual format. They use blocks of code that says what the element does and how to use it in conjunction with other functions in the game.

Students are able to spawn different animals and plants with the coding blocks to make different creative biomes as they please. Teachers can rate their work based on how well they used the functions to create unique experiences based on what they have seen in real life. They can also post the projects on different forums and show them off to other Minecraft coders for feedback and praise. 

This programming after school program can be completed online or on-site, and the class usually lasts 1-2 hours, depending on the project. Kids usually get free time afterward to play regular Minecraft and build stuff before they need to go home.

Minecraft Modding Programming After School Program

This programming after school program still works with the general foundation of Minecraft. But now, students can create their own special mods for the game that isn’t already in the game created by the developers. For example, instead of spawning in a jellyfish, they could spawn in a unicorn or a fire creeper. They can create these by using Java to create different mods for the Minecraft platform.

This programming after school program encourages creativity and allows children to create builds that players can use in real-time for their worlds. They can also receive feedback on the forums and reviews on their work from other players around the world. These classes usually run for 1-3 hours, and students can receive take-home projects to share with the class the next day.

Machine Learning and AI Programming After School Program

This programming after school program allows students to work with different machine learning software to make AI for their computers to see how they function. They teach children how to handle different AI and what concepts apply to certain machine learning tools.

They also get to have finished projects in their portfolio to showcase their knowledge on the topic for later programs or for future job offers. Classes usually run for 1-2 hours, and students can work on their projects at home to continue building the machine learning technology as it learns.

Roblox Programming After School Program

This programming after school program shows students how to make Roblox characters and courses with existing materials using visual blocks of code. It teaches them how different programming languages come together to achieve the same result but in different ways. Some ways are easier but take more time and vice versa.

These projects can also be uploaded to the forums for other members of the community to view to give feedback. They also get to have these projects published as levels for players to explore and mess around in. This course usually lasts for 1-2 hours, but projects can be taken home to be worked on longer to check for bugs and add new features.

Student Hires After School Programs

Student Hires offered a wide variety of after school programs and expanded learning programs to students by working with nearby schools. We give them the tools and information they need to create vibrant and successful after school programs for their students. Want to learn more? Send us a message, and we can set up a call!


Programming after school programs gives students insight into how to build an application or product from scratch. They teach self-discovery and reward careful research and due diligence. Students will be able to create projects they enjoy and share them with the world on programming sites. What programming language did you learn or want to learn? Let us know in the comments.

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