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Why Minecraft is Perfect for After School Programs

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Minecraft after school programs are becoming more prominent around the US. Minecraft has millions of kids in households playing online or in the same room with their friends. Kids can build giant mansions and make cities with multiple NPCs. But what if you could introduce it in a classroom and have an interactive learning environment? That’s why people create outlines using Minecraft after school programs.

What is Minecraft Education Edition?

Minecraft education edition is a unique application only used in schools and college campuses to teach kids different learning objectives through the Minecraft world. Mojang and Xbox Game Studios came together to bring a product that can be easily accessible and understood by kids worldwide.

Minecraft is easy to play, easy to set up, easy to learn, hard to master, and co-op is available, so there is a lot of learning potential. It costs 5$ per user, and teachers can set it up in each classroom on client computers. Minecraft can teach different lessons; the broad learning experience depends on the curriculum.

Some areas have a magical barrier, so students aren’t moving around so much and getting lost. Also, students can create custom maps based on different lesson plans to guide kids on life events in a visual way they understand.

Minecraft education edition can even be used for remote classes and students who can’t be in the classroom but may still want to participate.

How do Students Learn in Minecraft After School Programs?

There are multiple ways students can learn in Minecraft based on the class and how the teachers want to set everything up. For example, each student can be locked in a dungeon and need to dig their way out but don’t have the proper materials.

Based on the questions they answer in the game, which they set up through code, they will have an item to help them build their way out if they get it right. Teachers can create paths with different materials to help guide students to mark areas and learn about other pieces of history. 

Minecraft after school programs offers coding lessons with visual creations after every tutorial. After each class, students can compare notes on what they created and how long it took them to code everything together. They visually see each step in the process and how everything works together.

Why Minecraft After School Programs are Popular?

Minecraft after school programs is popular because kids can relate to the lesson plans. They are familiar with the content in the game, and if they don’t usually play Minecraft, it will be a new experience for them. Minecraft makes the lesson plans more interactive and entertaining.

There are different animals they can interact with they don’t usually see. The backgrounds can change every time and make everything look fresh and new. It combines the fun that comes with exploring the game but adds the complex problems of each class inside it.

Students will appreciate art more if they can build it together and see how it affects the world around them. Minecraft can also be a reward after a big project or class lesson. For example, having some snacks and building a big mansion or going on an expedition in the game can help kids with exploring their creativity.

But it’s also easy to access easy to use. All the tools can be accessed online; the game can run on low hardware with barely any maintenance. Accounts are seamless across all computers and can be taken on the go if needed to do homework assignments or group projects.

How Can Student Hires Bring Minecraft After School Programs to Schools?

Student hires constantly reach out to every school to give information about their options and how to implement them seamlessly. Whether programs run during the school year or the summer, we offer training for new employees to come in and help run newly established programs.

We offer these programs in a safe, monitored environment; most of our employees are college students and aim to connect with every child on a personal level. Every community we work with we treat as part of our own and will extend into games like Minecraft.


Minecraft after school programs are making big waves in this digital world we’re experiencing. More people connect daily, and the classrooms should reflect on these changes so kids all over stay attentive to their learning objectives. Online communities are becoming more prominent for students around the country; more companies will create education-based versions of mainstream games. So what games would you like to see in classrooms next? 

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