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Proposed Ordinance Aims to Restrict Homeless Encampments Near San Jose Schools

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To address the growing concerns of homelessness near educational institutions, San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan has proposed a new ordinance to ban homeless encampments and vehicle dwellings within 150 feet of schools, preschools, and daycares in the city. The issue has gained attention after reports of homeless individuals settling near K-12 schools and causing disruption to students and staff.

The proposed measure has received both support and opposition, with some praising it as a necessary step to ensure the safety and well-being of students. In contrast, others argue it may further criminalize the homeless population. Let’s delve deeper into the proposal’s details and its sparked reactions.

The Press Conference and Student Support

According to the San Jose Spotlight, On August 4, 2023, Mayor Matt Mahan held a press conference at KIPP San Jose Collegiate, a public charter high school, to advocate for the new ordinance. Students from the school expressed their support for the measure, highlighting the challenges they faced due to homeless individuals sleeping on school grounds and leaving needles on lunch tables. KIPP Principal Kim Vo stressed that addressing homelessness had been costly for the school, leading to the hiring of private security.

The Proposed Ordinance

The proposed ordinance is not the city’s first attempt to address homelessness near schools. San Jose already has an informal “buffer” zone that prohibits tents, built structures, or personal belongings within 150 feet of schools, introduced in 2021. However, the rule has yet to be consistently enforced. The new proposal seeks to codify and strengthen this buffer, making it an official city code.

Mayor Mahan had previously expressed that he would not implement the ban until the city had concrete solutions, such as providing alternative housing options for people experiencing homelessness. Still, he has since taken a more assertive approach. He now insists that the ban should be enforced, regardless of the city’s progress in finding alternative housing solutions. “Many of these students standing behind me this morning … spoke out because homeless neighbors were sleeping on school grounds and bathrooms. They spoke out because they were finding needles on their lunch tables,” Mahan said. “Our students should not have to face the ramifications of our failure on homelessness.”

Reactions to the Proposal

The proposal has generated mixed reactions within the community. Supporters argue that protecting students’ safety is crucial, and creating a conducive learning environment free from fear and disruption caused by homelessness is vital. A modest buffer around educational institutions can provide peace of mind for students as they go to and from school.

On the other hand, critics, including the community organizing group Silicon Valley De-Bug, denounce the proposal as a form of criminalization and dehumanization of people experiencing homelessness, particularly impacting vulnerable populations of color, some of whom are children and students themselves. They argue that the focus should be on developing sustainable housing solutions and addressing income inequality instead of punitive measures.

Legal Implications

The proposal’s potential legal implications have also been a subject of debate. Advocacy groups, such as the Silicon Valley Law Foundation, have expressed concerns that the ban could violate the legal rights of unhoused individuals and face constitutional challenges if enforced.

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San Jose’s Mayor Matt Mahan’s proposal to ban homeless encampments and vehicle dwellings near schools and daycares has ignited a contentious debate in the city. The measure aims to protect students and create a safer educational environment but has also raised questions about potential constitutional implications and the need for comprehensive housing solutions. As the proposal progresses, the city will grapple with balancing safeguarding students and addressing the challenges the homeless population faces. Public input and stakeholder dialogue will be essential in shaping a holistic and compassionate approach to resolving this complex issue.

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