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Crafton College Adds California Virtual Campus to Help Students Attend Courses

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Crafton Hills College is excited to announce that it will expand its student class scheduling options. With the addition of online classes, students from all over California can now access courses offered at Crafton Hills.

The California Virtual Campus (CVC) is a statewide program that provides students with online courses and degrees from participating schools in the state. Students throughout California can access Crafton Hills’ online course offerings as teaching institutions, allowing them to take classes at any other institution in the state.

The California Virtual Campus Initiative assists colleges by offering resources such as Federal Financial Aid Consortium Agreements, which allow students to receive federal financial aid while taking courses at multiple institutions. Additionally, the California Virtual Campus Initiative offers a variety of events throughout the year, such as webinars and workshops that provide information on how to use online learning tools effectively.

The college has provided a variety of options for students when it comes to their course selection. For example, the eSchedule, WebAdvisor, and Class Schedule PDFs allow students to view the current and upcoming semester schedules. Additionally, the College Catalog provides information about graduation requirements and other important information related to academic programs.

For those who need help navigating the class scheduling process, Crafton Hills offers helpful resources like Waitlist FAQs and Prerequisites and Co-requisites. Students can also register for courses through WebAdvisor or Books+, which provides free rental access to textbooks plus course materials for all Spring 2023 semester classes.

Community college students frequently encounter difficulties locating a class that meets their needs at a time that works for them. Classes with low enrollments are only offered once every two or four semesters. To take a course necessary to conclude their program, students may have to wait anywhere from one semester to one year.

Crafton Hills College will provide students with a wide range of online courses and options to pursue degrees in a flexible, accessible format and opportunities for high-quality education. In addition, the participation of the College in CVC will offer students more access to excellent education in addition to numerous programs and courses, as well as student support services necessary for success.

Crafton Hills College is committed to providing its students with an excellent educational experience by offering various class scheduling options. With these new additions, more students have access to quality education right at their fingertips.

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Crafton’s College California Virtual Campus program, will help many students who want to learn at the college but can only attend virtually. Hopefully, more students can get the education they deserve without leaving their area and also be able to have tutors and discussions with their professors from anywhere.

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