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Schools are Building Affordable Housing for Educators

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Schools are starting to build affordable housing for educators; This is a great idea, as it will help to keep educators in the area and reduce the cost of living. Creating closer housing will also ensure staff won’t travel as far since some teachers don’t live nearby. Schools that have already implemented this program report that they are seeing higher teacher retention rates and reduced teacher turnover costs. By building affordable housing for educators, schools can provide a valuable service to their educators and improve the quality of education.

Why are More Schools Interested in Affordable Housing?

In recent years, affordable housing has become an increasingly important issue for schools and districts. As a result, many educators find themselves priced out of the housing market in major cities, struggling to pay rent or mortgage payments on their salaries alone. Once the pandemic hit, we saw a shift in how residents from other locations packed their bags and moved.

For many, the only option is to live in substandard housing or to commute long distances from more affordable areas; This can lead to increased stress and difficulty balancing work and home life, impacting job performance and job satisfaction.

As a result, schools are beginning to see the importance of affordable housing for their employees. Schools can attract and retain high-quality teachers, improve employee morale, and decrease turnover rates by providing affordable housing options.

Jefferson Union High School District in San Mateo County’s Daly City is already seeing the benefits of creating its staff housing district. Roughly a quarter of the 500 Jefferson Union High employees were retiring or deciding to resign. Other schools were paying $76,000 a year or more compared to Jefferson’s $60,000 a year salary which isn’t enough to compensate.

In addition, affordable housing developments can also provide much-needed rental income for cash-strapped school districts.

As the need for affordable housing continues to grow, more and more schools will likely begin to explore this option.

Students also feel secure in knowing that their teachers are surviving and living well, especially in a period where all career paths are taking a hit because of the pandemic.

How Can More Schools Add Affordable Housing for Educators?

A teacher’s salary doesn’t always reflect their essential role in society. In addition to being responsible for shaping the minds of the future, teachers also often work long hours and deal with significant stress. As a result, it’s not surprising that many educators struggle to find affordable housing.

One way to help address this problem is for more schools to add affordable housing for educators. By providing affordable housing, schools can attract and retain high-quality teachers and ensure their students have access to the best possible education.

In addition, affordable housing can help alleviate some of the financial burdens educators face.

There are several ways for schools to add affordable housing for educators. One option is to partner with local organizations or businesses and gain funding from them to help fund these projects. Another option is for schools to build their affordable housing units and receive the okay from the school board members.

However, it won’t be an easy task. Schools will have to fight with the school board and reach an agreement that’s good for everyone. Even if they receive proper funding from Congress, the school board still decides on where the funding goes and how it is used. 

It took San Fransisco Unified almost two decades to receive the go-ahead to start planning a 135-unit complex for teachers ready in 2024. Regardless of the approach schools take, adding affordable housing for educators is a crucial step toward ensuring that all students have access to quality education and ensure teachers are happy.

What Are Schools Doing in the Meantime?

Schools are currently gearing up for the 2022-2023 school year and are trying to figure out where to put funding for the funds they receive from the historic budget increase. Hopefully, more school districts will begin taking action on getting more affordable housing for educators, so they don’t end up resigning in the future. At least some communities are already taking steps to give their educators a higher salary budget and better housing, so more of their educators don’t resign.

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The growing problem of teacher housing affordability has caught the attention of many school districts and policymakers. In response, some schools are taking matters into their own hands and building affordable housing for educators on or near campus; This is an essential step in addressing the teacher housing crisis, and we hope to see more schools follow suit. If you know of a school starting to add affordable housing, please let us know in the comments.

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