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Why Every Student Should Have a Side Hustle in 2022

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Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Manuel Zavala
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Written By Manuel Zavala  |  Career Readiness, College, Education, High School  |  0 Comments | June 4, 2022

Every student needs a side hustle. Nearly five years ago my dad told me he needed a website. I had no clue how to do it. I got home from class and stayed up until nearly 5 am every day for the next week learning how to make that website.

Eventually, that site came to fruition. That website is what I showed my first employer when she asked me why I deserved to make her company’s website. That entry-level position is what allowed me to work for a marketing company in a telecommuting role while I balanced my school work.

That side hustle is what landed me a full-time job offer straight out of college.

There were numerous trials and tribulations along the way. There were many stressful nights, trying to complete an essay due in class the next morning while also trying to complete a fully developed website the client was expecting the next day. Each day I learned, grew, and developed myself into a more valuable job candidate.

A side hustle is a great option for any student who has the time to commit to it.

What is a Side Hustle?

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Side hustles are independent workloads that sprovide you with an additional stream of revenue. They are generally freelance and take up less time than a traditional part-time or full-time job. Your side hustle is usually based on something that you are passionate about. If the side hustle turns out to be successful , it can transition into a part-time or even a full-time job.

Examples of Side Hustles

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There are many different types of side hustles that you can take on. While they normally revolve around your passion, you can also choose a side hustle depending on a number of factors including how lucrative the hustle is, the amount of time dedication required, and your overall skillset. Here are 13 examples of side hustles that students can easily get started with.

  1. Design Services
  2. Photography Services
  3. Starting a Brand
  4. General Labor
  5. Babysitting
  6. Blogging
  7. Selling Items on Ebay
  8. Uber / Lyft Driver
  9. Postmates Delivery
  10. Managing Social Media Accounts
  11. Creating a Youtube Account
  12. Creating an App
  13. Selling Services on Fiverr

The Benefits of Side Hustles

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  1. Flexibility
    Side hustles allow you to pursue a passion with flexibility. You can start the clothing brand you’ve always wanted to within your spare time. Pick and choose how much time you want to devote to your side hustle based on your current school schedule and workload.
  2. Additional Source of Income
    Side hustles often provide an additional revenue stream. This leads to increased financial freedom. You can use this additional money to pay off student debt, student loan debt, and other expenses that you experience as a student. You can also use this money to reinvest in yourself. Purchase a self-development course, attend a conference, or go on a vacation!
  3. Networking Opportunities
    Networking is essential in 2019. Side hustles are a great way to network with likeminded people. By networking through your side hustle, you have the potential to get a job through your newfound connections.
  4. Learn While Doing
    Starting a side hustle allows you to learn while doing! More often than not, you won’t know how to do everything that you need to in order to effectively operate your side hustle. You will have to constantly learn while building up your side hustle in order to keep making progress. This allows for continued self-development and bolsters your resume in the process.
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Do you have a side hustle that you have yet to start? Don’t keep hesitating on starting your student side hustle! Today is the perfect day to get started.

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Manuel Zavala

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